Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globe Red Carpet Style Awards

OK so last night under the very rainy skies of Hollywood the biggest stars of TV and Film walked the Golden Globes red carpet, while some avoided the rain and you only saw them in the press room or on stage many of the biggest celebs did actually brave the rain and showed all of the trash bag covered fans sitting in the stands. Well I wasnt actually there but I was sitting on my bed in my sweats monitering Twitter, JustJared, EOnline, and watching the E Live from the Red Carpet and the Live Telecast on NBC and saw many hits and misses. In no order here are my Red Carpet Style Awards.

Best Skirt

I did not love Avatar actress Zoe Saldana's Louis Vuitton gown, but the skirt of it is awesome and very french can-can just wish the top was different. What I do love about Mrs Saldana's gown is the color I think it looks so beautiful on her.

Best Dolce & Gabbana/Wish She Did Her Hair Different

Nominee Emily Blunt looked very pretty blush pink Dolce & Gabbana gown but the one thing I whish she did was do a different hairstyle because it just looks like she got out of bed and through this STUNNING gown on and left the house.

Best Black

Kate Hudson was one of the people who did not walk the red carpet which is actually very sad because I'm sure the soaking wet fans would have gone crazy for this very elegant Yves St Laurent gown, this totally makes up for her Yves St Laurent 2009 Oscar gown which I HATED and well this is actually very elegant and the understated line of crystals along the front I love.

Worst Dressed

OK I'll be honest I actually like this Christian Lacroix Spring 2009 Couture gown, but not on Diane Kruger. I think that this gown is just to much for her and I don't like the color on her either.

Best Support of an Amaerican Designer

The Good Wife star and winner of Best Actress in a TV Drama Julianna Margulies wears Narsico Rodriguez and if I do say so it is not a gown I would think of putting a nominiee in but she does look very beautiful and elegant.

Worst Dressed Nominee

I'm sorry but what was Julia Roberts thinking showing up at the Golden Globes like this. Julia was not only a presenter last night but she also was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy for Duplicity. She showed up in a vintage Yves St Laurent dress that could be worn out to dinner at the Olive Garden, the only thing I like about this look is the Van Cleef & Arpels necklace, but please Julia let us see that amazing style, like the vintage Valentino you wore to the Oscars when you won for Erin Brokovich

Best Bling

Best Actress in a Televison Series - Comedy for United States of Tara Toni Collette walked the rain soaked red carpet in a stunning Elie Saab gown and I love Elie Saab's designs because I love his use of embelishments and this is a stunning example of that.

Best Dior

Star of the movie musical "Nine" and face of Dior Marion Cotillard wore this stunning Christian Dior Spring 2010 gown last night. The online home of VOUGE put out red carpet predictions last week and they predicted the Marion would wear this dress and they were right, I was personally hoping that she would wear the pick gown from the same collection (maybe she will wear it to the SAG awards) but I still think that she is stunning in this gown.

On the Fence Award

30 Rock star Tina Fey is having a SJP moment who I actually pictured in this dress. The dress is from the Resort 2010 Zac Posen collection, this dress was my favorite piece form this collection. I only wish that you could see the under layer that is a shocking orange color.

Best Marchesa Award

Anna Kendrick from "Up in the Air" walked the carpet wearing this stunnig Spring 2010 Marchesa gown. In her interview by "E" she said "I knew the moment I saw this gown that it was what I was going to wear." I'm so glad that she did because it looks stunning on her

Best Dressed TV Star

True Blood Star Anna Paquin looks stunning in a completly embelished Alexander McQueen gown. The pattern of the sequins reminds me of a gown Kate Hudson wore to the 2008 BAFTA Awards, but I love this gown and it really shows off the accessory of the night wich was the ladies "Golden Globes."
Can't Hate It but Can't Love It

Best Actress in a TV movie Drew Berrymore's Fall 2009 Atelier Versace was very glamourous, I even like the sea urchin thing on her shoulder but what makes me not love this dress is the sea urchin thing on the hip. If that was taken off and if either Drew had a tan or the dress was darker, I would have loved it.

Best Red Award

Cameron Diaz wore the same style dress as Anna Paquin minus the sequins and slit. The color is amazing on her and the top of the dress is so amazing. I wish I could have found a picture of her where she was not holding the bottom of the dress up but this was the best I could find but it was a stunning color on her

Worst Sleeve Award

Heidi Klum was at the Golden Globes last night on a date with her husband Seal. The Base of the dress I liked but there are two things about this gown 1) I do not like the sleeve things, I believe that it would have looked better strapless and 2) I wish she had chosen the dress in a more shocking color i think this dress would look stunning on her in a purple. But other than that I think this dress has good bones

Needs A Train Award

Best Actress in a Drama Sandra Bullock looks stunning in this Bottega Veneta Spring 2010 gown, I just wish that the gown had a train the back was very disapointing.

Best Dressed

Kate Husdon wowed me even when saw her walking the red carpet carrying the skirt of her gown to protect it from the wet carpet, but the moment she stepped out on the stage to present the clips from her movie "Nine" was the moment I decided she was my best dressed.

Best Versace

The best Versace look is from Christina Aguilara. Donnatella Versace wore this gown to the Whitney gala a while back and well thank you Christina for bringing this gown back to life.

Worst Hair

I actually really liked January Jones Lanvin gown but what killed this look for me was the hair. The hate headband, I may have liked it if it was a little further back and had an embelishment.

Looks Like Couture Curtains Award

Chloe Sevigny in Valentino, well I think the title of the award says it all. On her way up the stairs to accept her Golden Globe the escort helping her steped on her train and ripped the dress, thank god

Best Breasts

I am a gay man and the first thing I usually notice is the gown well not this time, the first thing I noticed was how giant her breast are. On another note Christina Hendriks Christian Siriano Spring 2010 gown is amazing just wish it was a different color, like black.

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