Monday, February 1, 2010

Style Awards: 2010 Grammys

Best Dressed

Okay Rihanna is my best dressed for 2 reasons
1) Ever since the Chris Brown incedent at last years Clive Davis Party Rihanna has been in this weird fashion rut and over the past 3 or 4 red carpets she has been blowing me away
2) Rihannia is wearing my FAVORITE couture desginer Elie Saab from one of my favorite collections the Fall 2009 Couture

Best Stick-To-Style but Elegant Award

So I never thought there would ne the day when I would put Armani Prive, Lady Gaga/ and Elegant in the same sentence, but well pigs must be flying because I love this and, Lady Gaga looks elegant in Armani Prive. She may have gone with the futureistic look but she does look fabulous, when I heard that she was going to be wearing Armani Prive im like "OH HELL NO" (see my twitter accouts posts(@UncleThomas93) but I am pleasntly suprised buy how much I do like this gown and that she didnt take one of the gowns from the runway that I have saved in the name of Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway.

Best Preformance Ensamble

You will see Beyonces red carpet gown later in this post but I had to put this Atelier Versace Fall 2009 leather and metal embellished dress because Miss B rocked this look, this look was featured in an editorial styled by Tim Burton and I hated it but on Beyonce I love it she desrves this award.

Most Princessey

Taylor Swift always looks like princess on the red carpet with her tulle & embellised ball gowns. Taylor gave the tulle ball gowns a much needed rest last night but she did still rock her signature "bling" in this stunning custom-made Kaufman Franco gown and I do say that she looks very pretty.

Shes Still Got It Awards

Okay everybody remebers the green scarf Versace dress made its appearance on this red carpet and 10 years later Jennifer Lopez steps out at the Grammys wearing my favorite gown from Spring 2010, it is a Versace gown (also worn by Kate Hudson in a Harpers Bazaar editorial). 10 years later JLo still has it, I love that it could go from the red carpet to the club and still looks amazing. The omly thing I don't like is the diamond cuffs on both wrists, I wish she only wore one, but other than that she look stunning.

Deja Vu Award

The first thing that comes to mind when i see this dress Spring 2010 on Katy Perry is Britney Spears emelsihed nude bodysuit from forever ago, not some thing you want coming to mind when you step out on a red carpet.

Looks Like a Stripper Award

Fergie I understand that you are a Hip-Hop artist but you do not have to look like a hoochie when you step out at these kind of events, at the NINE premires and Golden Globes you looked so elegant but here in this Emilio Pucci Spring 2010 dress you just dont look pretty and quite whore-ish

Pochantonas on Drugs Award

I am not a fan of Ke$has style she look like a homeless person. But this look takes the cake. Ke$ha you look like ur High on durgs and you just came back form a reenactment of the founding of the new world playing Pochantonas. Sorry but you look bad you should have stayed home.

Worst Dressed

I am so disaponted that I have to give Beyonce this award. Where do I start... Okay this dress is desgined by paris couture desginer Stephanie Rolland. When I first saw this dress I had gorrid visions of Mariah Carey at the Golden Globes. But this dress does not do Beyonce any justice and the color is not good for her the earring aren't right and well I hate basically everything from this look. Sorry B.

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