Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tribute to Alexander McQueen

Today on the start of the fall fashion show season the industry mourns the loss of Avant Garde designer Lee "Alexander" McQueen. The Cut blog from New York Magazine reported at 10:11 on Thursday Febuary 11th that he had commited suicide with in the hour it was confirmed. The man that will no doubt go down in the hall of fame of fashion was an idol to myself and is one of the major reasons that I have decided to enter the fashion industry. One of my goals was to work with him one day on a photo editorial for like his 40th launch anivershiry, but that dream will no longer be able to be realized. The tributes to McQueen have already started Donatella Versace said "The fashion world has not only lost an icon but we have also lost a very special friend" and "Alexander McQueen was unique. His imagination had no limits, he had an amazing personality and his creativity was genius," I am in total agreement with Donatella and Red Carpet Fashion Awards blogger Catherine Kallon tweeted on her way to the airport bound for New York Fashion Week "OMG...on the way to the airport and just heard news about Alexander McQueen..PLEASE don't let it be true." When I first read this I was like what kind of sick joke is this, but after reading the same information from Vogue, The Daily Mail, and The Associated Press I finally realized that this is not a joke but it is true. This man was such an inspiration to me that after reading everything that I did all I could do was sit down and cry. I know it may seem weird but that is how much this man touched my life and I am really truly deeply sadend by his death.

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