Friday, January 28, 2011

LoveIt or HateIt: Chanel Spring 2011 Couture

It seemed to me that Karl Lagerfeld designed his Spring 2011 Couture collection for Chanel had two different clients in mind. 1) The typical Chanel client who is the older more sophisticated woman like Anna Wintour, and 2) little girls whose daddies have lots and lots of money. I can not find many pieces that I really like. I love the gown that I choose for Natalie Portman (see my SAG Awards Predictions, the ruffly over the top cocktail dress, and the pink tiered strong shouldered cocktail dress. I personally think that Chanel should stick to what they do best and not do Haute Couture t-shirts and jeans. I personally hate most of this collection but again still have some a few pieces that I would like to see hit the red carpet on Diane Kruger because I don't think that anyone else can take on this collection.

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