Monday, April 5, 2010

Fall 2010 Must Have: Fur Coat

The big trend for Fall 2010 is fur, which must have PETA in an uproar. My philisophy when it comes to fur is this Faux is Fabulous, Vintage is Amazing, and New is gross. You may ask why I think vintage is Amazing well I feel that if the animal is going to be dead by now anyway then what the problem is, would you jusst let a dead animals amazing coat go to watse. Lets take a look at what some of the desigers did with fur for the Fall 2010 Runway.
Marc Jacobs brought back the golden age of Hollywood with his Fall 2010 Collection and I feel that if this collection was from 1945 then we would have seen this coat on the likes of Bette Davis or Katherine Hepburn. The coat as a whole is not covered in fur but has nice chunks on the collar, hem, and cuffs.
Gucci went more with a marabou feather (LOVE) and a 1970's vibe with the collection for Fall 2010. I am partial because I love feather coats, but this is one of my favorite coats for Fall 2010.
Karl Lagerfeld runs the show at Fendi and has for a long time. He has never stopped from using real fur as seeing on of Fendi's signatures is fur. But surprisingly Karl opted to use Faux Fur in his collections this year (Yes that means at Chanel as well), which gives him a giant check mark in my book. I could very well see a modern Cruella DeVille in this coat.
The Fall 2010 Collection from Peter Dundas for Emilio Pucci also brought the 1970's influence. This is another one of my favorite coats from Fall 2010, this would be perfect for Kate Moss, we need to see her out of Topshop for once I feel every time she steps out she's in some form of Topshop.
This Dennis Basso coat is just freaking amazing. Dennis is the King of Fur in NYC, he incorporates it into every season be it Fall or Spring. If there was going to be a Devil Wears Prada II then this would be one of the coats they would give Miranda Priestly.
And fianlly the Chewbacka DISATER that was Chanel. Thank GOD Karl used Faux Fur for this collection because he sent about 7 giant fur balls down the ice-way as it was. I'm sorry but this just puts the icing on the cake of Not Everything Chanel Makes Is Meant To Be WORN!

So what are the reader opinions on the Fur trend? Also note that comments are open to anyone who wants not just blogger subscribers, I did this because I want your feedback so I can improve the site. So please leave me feedback!

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  1. I agree, chewbacka for sure. I go through all the collections and save them on my computer, but I just couldn't for this one. I mean seriously..what was he thinking?