Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Problem With Times 100 Most Influential List

So what is my problem with the list? My problem is that people who should not be influential or at least as influential are in the top 100 and Anna Wintour, the most powerful and influential person in the fashion industry is ranked at 122. 122! When people such as Lady Gaga(1), Snooki(16), Seth MacFarlane(39), Susan Boyle(58), Bristol Palin(84), Adam Lambert(90),and Kanye West(95). Seriously this is who we look up to people who are just plain ugh! Lets compare style of the Most Influential, Lady Gaga, to 122, Anna Wintour.

Lady Gaga wears high fashion for big events, here she is wearing Spring 2010 Valentino. But why does she have that bow hair? Who wants to sport that?
Anna and Gaga share a mutual love for Marc Jacobs (if Gaga touches fall 2010 I will have to take matters into my own hands). This has the potential to be a good look but she should not have done Betty White Golden Girls hair, dropped the fishnets and the sunglasses.
And then there is this I have nothing more to say than that

Then we have Anna Wintour. I choose some of her more off the wall looks like this Chanel Couture from the 2008 Costume Institute Gala. This dress is very conceptual but elegant and there is not to much going on; no crazy hair, make-up, or accessories.
and here in Armani Prive, Anna just exudes elegance.
And Anna can make a T-shirt look high fashion. Here Anna supports Fashions Night Out (this year to be held on Sptember 10th in NYC and around the world) wearing the T-shirt but paired with a Spring 2009 Prada skirt.

Now please tell me who you think the more infuential person. If you have not figured it out by now I'm voting Anna Wintour, strictly based on the fact that she is the MOST powerful woman in fashion, if you don't believe me then please watch "The September Issue."

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